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Software/Firmware Updates

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Flash Upgrade Wizard Ver 3.0 (exe format)
To install the flash upgrade wizard, simply download the EXE file to a temporary directory on a PC and run the flash upgrade wizard setup and follow the on-screen instructions. If the equipment to be upgraded is connected to the computer via GPIB and National Instruments NI488.2 drivers are not already installed on the PC being utilized, please install them. You can find instructions oh how to download and install NI488.2 drivers at
Installing and Using the ETS-Lindgren Upgrade Wizard

HI1710A Release Ver 3.08
This firmware file is to be used with the Flash Upgrade Wizard to enable flash-upgrading a HI-1710A Microwave Oven Survey Meter that has revision 3.00 or higher installed.
How to Upgrade the HI1710A firmware
ETS-Lindgren USB Drivers (zip format)
This driver is required for all HI-4413USB USB To Fiber-Optic Interface’s and all HI-6113 Laser Data Interface's manufactured after 3/31/2008. It allows the interfaces to appear as a serial port and is required for the “ProbeView LT” and “ProbeView Laser” programs to operate with the field probes. This file is not needed if using an internet connected computer running Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7. The driver will automatically be downloaded and installed from the Windows Update Service.
USB Driver Installation Instructions.
2090 Flashable Firmware v3.21
This firmware file is to be used with the Flash Upgrade Wizard to enable flash-upgrading the 2090 multi-device controller.
Standard MB-V Flashable Firmware v2.13
This firmware file is to be used with the Flash Upgrade Wizard to enable flash-upgrading the motor-base-V assembly.
Multi-Sensor MB-V Flashable Firmware v2.13
This firmware file is to be used with the Flash Upgrade Wizard to enable flash-upgrading the motor-base-V Multi-Sensor assembly.
EMQuest Viewer
The EMQuest™ Viewer is a companion program to our versatile data acquisition and analysis software package, EMQuest™. EMQuest™ Viewer is a free software package provided for the purpose of viewing data files generated by licensed versions of EMQuest™ and for viewing files distributed by ETS-Lindgren.
The ETSProbe.DLL was created to simplify the work that software engineers need to perform to enable communications between a computer and the field probes manufactured by ETS-Lindgren L.P. We recommend that all new development use this product to communicate with probes so that end users are insulated from changes that may occur in the protocols used by the probes.

Download this free software package and read the help files for more details. This is provided at no cost to all users, but detailed personal support is not included. If such support is required, contact our support team for a quotation.

Download EMC Probes Manual

FM5004 Download (zip file)
To install, simply download the ZIP file and unzip to a temporary directory on a PC and run the dl5004 application. Refer to the included "Download Instructions.txt" file for more information.
FM5004 firmware update Version 5.4 (zip file) 8/9/2007
GTEM Software (zip file) 8/2/2005
Firmware for the HI-2200 (zip file)
This section contains software for the HI-2200 including updated firmware, firmware installation instructions, a download program for installing the firmware, and the associated upload program for saving data from the units.
HI-2200 Downloader (zip file)
Program that downloads the firmware (used once to load the firmware above into the HI-2200).
HI-2200 Uploader Version 3.2.15 (zip file)
Program that uploads data collected with the HI-2200 into a PC for analysis.
HI-4413 ProbeView 3600 Install (zip file)
This file is the install package for the HI-4413 ProbeView 3600. Please download the zip file to install. The instructions are included in the zip or download the pdf.
HI-6100 Upgrade Ver 2.6 (zip file)
This file is the upgrade package for the HI-6100 monitor version 2.6. Please download the zip file to install. The upgrade instructions are included in the zip.
Upgrading Firmware HI-6100 Instructions.pdf
These are the instructions for the HI-6100 upgrade.
Probe View for Laser Probes - Ver 2.0.8 (zip file)
This software allows viewing readings from the following probes: HI-6153 and HI-6105. Added support for the HI-6153 probe and added laser safety message to appear each time laser is powered on.
ProbeView LT Ver. 1.05 (zip file)
The ProbeView LT software provides a quick and easy solution for collecting and displaying data from any of the glass optically coupled Holaday field sensors. This software combined with the HI-4413P Fiber Optic Modem allows a laptop or PC to communicate directly with a field sensor using the RS-232 communication port. This latest update supports the new HI-6022 probe.
NSA Calculator (zip file)
This tool will generate the theoretical ANSI NSA for a specified geometry (any combination of antenna separation distance, transmit antenna height, receive antenna height scan range, and polarization) and frequency range. It can also display the height at which the maximum electric field (minimum NSA) was found, or to view the maximum electric field (EdMax) corresponding to the displayed NSA. By varying the input parameters it is possible to compare differences between the theoretical NSA values for reduced scan heights (compact chambers) or other variations in geometry. The data for an individual calculation can be stored in a comma-separated variable (.CSV) file in order to view it in an Excel spreadsheet or other program.

The installation is archived in a self-extracting ZIP file. Simply download the executable and run it to extract the installation. Then run SETUP.EXE to install.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.