ETS-Lindgren's 5230 Tabletop RF Test Enclosures are cells for conducting sensitive DUT measurements requiring shielding, such as mobile phones, including R&D, 5G and Bluetooth testing. The Series 5230 enclosures boast a welded construction and include doors with easy open/close progressive RF gasket compression mechanisms, which combined provides RF isolation of up to 120 dB at frequencies above 10 MHz. The large, unobstructed interior and zero perimeter doors maximize the available test volume for larger-sized DUTs.

The new standard configuration offerings in this series ensure an expedited lead-time, as compared to the custom configured solutions, and all include RF anechoic lining (absorber or ferrite tile), RF waveguide vents for cooling, and removable feed through panels for power and signal lines.

Custom enclosures are also available, with features including frequency specific RF coupling devices (antennas), automated DUT positioning fixtures, interior lighting, and CCTV cameras.

Key Product Information

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Exterior Dimensions (Standard): 600 x 500 x 500 (h) mm (23.6 in x 19.7 in x 19.7 in) 
Door Opening: RFHO-60 type hinged hatch, clear opening 540 x 420 (h) mm  (21.25 in x 16.54 in)
Exterior Color (Standard):  White RAL9010
  • Custom Sizes Available
  • Electrical Filters for AC and/or DC Inlet
  • ​Absorber or Ferrite Tile RF Anechoic Lining
  • RF Waveguide Cooling Vents
  • Removable Feed Through Power and Signal Line Panels
  • Viewing Ports
  • Swing, Sliding, or Pneumatic Door Operations Available
  • Available in Various Colors

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Key Features

  • New Standard Configurations For Faster Delivery

  • Improved Accessibility With New Larger Zero Perimeter Door

  • Easy Open/Close Progressive Latching 

  • Large Working Interior 

  • Up to 120 dB RF Isolation 

  • Custom Configurations Available 

  • Zero Perimeter Door 

  • General Purpose RF Testing 

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