ETS-Lindgren's Series 101 RF shielded construction system meets and substantially exceeds all RF shielding requirements. The system consists of modular, hot galvanized rigid steel structural panels and can be dismantled and reinstalled, enlarged or modified due to the panel system (only the gasket and the fasteners have to be replaced). No special tools nor welding are necessary during the installation and no maintenance is necessary after installation.

Key Product Information

Modular Design

The modular structure allows for very flexible adaptation to the customer's needs and requirements. Both the size and shape of the room can be designed to meet the individual needs of the customer. As only the system (distance of holes and increments in the outer dimensions) and the panel joint are standardized, Series 101 is not limited to the use of only a few standard size panels. However, the automated manufacturing technology utilizes the advantages of high quantity production of standardized panels.
The same manufacturing technology can be applied to different materials such as hot galvanized steel and aluminum. The requirements can be realized by using same machinery, thus enabling cost-effective solutions and a competitive price-quality-ratio.


The panel system provides a reliable and high performance shielding, as the panels are jointed with special gasket. However, at the same time the number of fasteners can be minimized, which also shortens the assembly time. The Series 101 panels can be bolted from inside or from outside, depending on the purpose and requirements. The shielded room can also include a combination of flat sides inside and outside.

When installing the enclosure from inside (flat side outside), the enclosure can be assembled in close proximity, without a supporting structure as close as 5 cm (2 in) of existing walls of the parent building and the panel bendings (flanges) can be used for installing inner lining or absorber rails when appropriate.
When installing the enclosure from outside (flat side inside), the hanging from the support structure does not penetrate the shielding and the inside is flat. This is required in partial discharge/high voltage testing halls as well as when either ferrites or absorbers are glued directly onto the walls and ceiling. Please note that the space required for the installation work is about 800 mm (31.5 in) all around, also above the roof.


As the Series 101 corner joint is identical to the intermediate joint, no additional supports or special constructions are needed. The corners have equally reliable attenuation as the rest of the enclosure. Electromagnetic interference has no way in or no way out. This is just an example epitomizing that the Series 101 enclosure forms a carefully designed entity with painstaking attention to detail.

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  • Connector Plate Bulkhead Penetrations
  • Waveguide Feed-throughs
  • Exhaust Fan for Air Circulation and Heat Dissipation
  • Fiber Optic Packages
  • High Performance Ferrite Tile Lining
  • RF Foam Absorber Lining
  • High-Performance Door Upgrade​

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Key Features

  • System Consists of Modular, Hot Galvanized Rigid Steel Structural Panels (No Wooden Parts are Used) 
  • Panels Bolted from the Inside or the Outside, Depending on the Purpose and Requirements 
  • No Special Tools or Welding Necessary
  • Rooms Easily Dismantled and Reinstalled, Enlarged or Modified

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