​ETS-Lindgren offers customized shielded environment solutions utilizing in-place/ RF Foil shielding along with the appropriate RF shielded doors, waveguide air vents as well as power & signal line filters.

The heavy duty radiant barrier sheets used for this solution are made up of a single layer of woven polyethylene material bonded to and sandwiched between two highly reflective aluminum surfaces.  This material is designed to be used in Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF's).  It is also a highly effective radiant barrier as well as an approved vapor barrier.

Physical PropertiesTestValue
EmissivityASTM C1371-04A0.03
Reflectivity- 0.97
CorrosivenessASTM D3310-00Passes
Fire RatingASTM E84-09Class 1 / Class 2
Bleeding & DelaminationASTM C1313-05None
PliabilityASTM C1313-05None
Tear ResistanceASTM D2261L 14.93 / W 15.13
Water Vapor PermeabilityASTM E96-050.01 Perms
Resistance to FungiASTM C1338-08Passes

Key Product Information

​In-Place/RF Foil Shielding ​is a fast and easy way to create a high-performance shielded environment, made with a durable and flexible woven polyethylene base   This shielded solution is fully compliant with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) applications..   The highly Reflective radiant barrier surfaces provide excellent shielding as well as a thermal performance which is unaffected by moisture.  This materials used for the shielded environment barrier can reflect 97% of the radiant heat while also Increasing the needed sound attenuation for SCIF's.

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Key Features

  • Cost-efficient Turnkey Shielded Environment Solutions
  • Fully Customizable For Customer Application
  • Solutions Utilize In-Place/RF Foil Shielding ​
    • Fully Compliant with Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) Applications
    • Durable and Flexible Woven Polyethylene base

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