​​​ETS-Lindgren's LED Strip Light for Industrial Shielding is a practical solution for illuminating the interior of a shielded EMC enclosure. These are natural white colored shielded lights for Industrial shielding. This RF surpressed lighting operates on 24 VDC and can be used in longer runs than 12V strips. The powerful LED tape light emits 1,317 lumens of illumination per foot. Light from the LEDs will show the true colors of any objects within the shielded enclosure due to a high CRI (color-rendering index) of up to 94. The 16.4' quad-row LED tape light can easily be cut into separate 24-LED segments and installed with its peel-and-stick adhesive backing. This strip is designed to last 60,000 hours.

Key Product Information

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​LED Type
​2835 SMD
​LEDs Per Segment
​Number of LEDs in Unit
​2160 LEDs
Operating Voltage Range
​24 VDC

​Strip Width
​1.10 inch (28mm)
Total Length
16.4 feet (196.9 inch)​

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Key Features

  • High CRI - Shows Colors Accurately
  • Natural White Color Light at 4000°K
  • Can Be Cut Every 2"
  • Peel-and-Stick Adhesive Backing
  • Quad-Row Design for Maximum Brightness
  • 24V For Longer Continuous Runs - Up to 20'

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