​​ETS-Lindgren’s FACT™ 25 is an RF-shielded semi-anechoic chamber providing an ideal environment for compliant CISPR 25 testing.  The chamber is specifically designed for CISPR 25 (2016) and ISO 11452-2 measurements of automotive components with maximum dimension up to 1-meter. The RF performance is achieved with better than -6 dB absorber reflectivity from 70MHz to 2500 MHz and can be validated using the procedures described in the CISPR 25 Ed.4 standard. The chamber provides an environment for EMC radiated emissions and immunity measurements up to 40 GHz.  Validation of the RF shielded enclosure is performed at 1 GHz plane wave field.  Optional shielding enhancements are available for increased RF attenuation above 10 GHz.  Validation above 1 GHz is also optional, if desired.  Additionally, the chamber dimensions can be increased (optional) to support larger DUT's and on load electric vehicle (EV) component testing.

Key Product Information

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Frequency Minimum: 70 MHz
Frequency Maximum: 1 GHz
  • Modular RF-shielded enclosure with inside shield dimensions of 18’-0” x 16’-0” x 10’-6” (5.49m x 4.88m x 3.20m)
  • Estimated overall dimensions of 18’-6” x 16’-6” x 11’-2” (5.64m x 5.03m x 3.40m)
RF-Shielded Door
  • Manual 4’ x 7’ RF-shielded single-leaf door w/ limit switch
    Note: A chamber access ramp and semi-automatic (pneumatic) locking/unlocking functionality is available upon request.
Waveguide Air Vents
  • Waveguide air vents - 12’ x 12’ (30.5cm x 30.5cm) located in the chamber ceiling
  • Seismic Package – Includes seismic design, additional structure, bracing, and engineering stamp; typically required for chamber installations in seismic zones
  • Modelled Long Wire Measurement (0.15 MHz to 1GHz) for informative purposes

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Key Features

  • Radiated Emissions (RE) Compliance Testing
  • Frequency Range of 70 MHz to 18 GHz 
  • Vehicle Component Level Testing in Accordance with CISPR 25

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