​​ETS-Lindgren's Head and Torso Test (HATS) Enclosure provides a free-field environment for head and torso testing of mobile phones and other handheld audio devices. Our Head and Torso Test (HATS) Enclosure are an affordable option when a large anechoic chamber is not required. Testing can be conducted using a head and torso unit, a single microphone, or a small array of microphones. This enclosure has the ability to split into two halves without tools, and is designed to fit through a standard door opening, allowing for easy relocation.

Key Product Information

​Controlled Test Environment

The HATS enclosure isolates and controls acoustic energy to provide the ideal small device testing environment of cell phones, small electronics, and hearing aids. The HATS acoustic enclosure features a high performance design with 10.2 cm (4 in) thick acoustic walls, 15.24 cm (6 in) acoustic wedges, and an isolated stand with casters.

Easy Access Slide-out Tray

A slide-out perforated-steel tray allows easy access and adjustment of the small device under test. The enclosure and isolated stand are designed to split in half without the use of tools, allowing it to fit through a standard door opening. This allows the unit to be relocated with ease.

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​Interior Working Area (L x W x H): 37” x 36” x 42” (0.92m x 0.91m x 1.07m)
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 57” x 56” x 81.5” (1.45m x 1.42m x 2.07m)
Enclosure Weight: 3,200 lbs. (1,452 kg)

  • Acoustic Panel System & Door
  • SoundSecure™ Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Panels 
  • Absorber Treatment
  • Wheeled Cart & Slide-Out Tray
  • Chamber Surfaces coated with a durable zero V.O.C. electrostatic powder coat paint finish in white

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Key Features

  • ​Split-apart Design for Portability
  • Wheeled Cart for Added Mobility
  • Small Device Compatible
  • Slide-out Access Tray
  • Noise Control and Noise Emission Testing

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