​ETS-Lindgren's Low Dielectric Tables (LDT) are lightweight, portable test tables, constructed with materials selected for their low dielectric properties. The construction materials for the EUT's thin support surface have a dielectric constant of <3.0, with each table's support structures having a dielectric constant of <1.03. The result is a table having virtually no influence on radiated emissions measurements, especially above 1 GHz, where frequencies are affected most. 

For ease of use and accurate EUT positioning, an EUT placement grid is integrated onto the test table top.​ 

Results were measured in accordance of CISPR 16-1-4 (Section 5.5) that discusses how to evaluate the test table’s effect on radiated emissions measurement from 200 MHz to 18 GHz. The tests were performed in a validated 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber.

LDTs are available in two sizes; 1.2 m x 1.0 (Model LDT-1.2) and 1.5 m x 1.0 m (Model LDT-1.5). Both test tables have a load capacity of 100 kg (220 lb). Custom sizes are available; please contact ETS-Lindgren for details. Both LDT models are designed to be used with a 1.2 m diameter or larger turntable.

Key Product Information

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Base and Table Dielectric Constant (Both Models): <1.03 
Laminate Top Dielectric Constant (Both Models): <3.0


​Load Capacity
​120.0 cm (47.2 in​)  
​100.0 cm (39.4 in​)
​80.0 cm (31.5 in)
​100.0 kg (220.0 lb)​
​150.0 cm (59.1 in)​  
​100.0 cm (39.4 in​)
​80.0 cm (31.5 in)​  
​100.0 kg (220.0 lb)

  • EUT Test Table Assembly

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Key Features

  • For Radiated Emissions Measurements 
  • Minimal Measurement Influence
  • EUT Placement Grid (10 cm2
  • Distributed Load Capacity of 100 kg (220 lb)
  • Durable Construction

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