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Plug-in Doors and Windows

Plug-in Doors and Windows

Plug-in Doors and Windows doors and windows are an integral component of all ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems' sound isolation rooms and studios.

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Key Features

  • Durable Construction Throughout
  • Fully Assembled and Tested at Factory
  • Multiple Window Sizes and Locations
  • Perfect for New or Existing Construction
  • STC 47


Plug-in doors and windows are an integral component of all Acoustic Systems' sound isolation rooms and studios. Both the doors and windows are available with excellent acoustical ratings. Plug-in doors and windows are also available as plug-in assemblies to bring ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems' sound isolation to conventional construction.

Designed for acoustical consultants, architects and engineers, the ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems' Plug-in door is an effective means of providing superior sound isolation in new construction and renovation projects. SoundSecure doors are made from sixteen gauge, electro-galvanized steel face sheets. Fully isolated, these doors are hinged with mortised, cam-lift butt hinges and are sealed with magnetic gaskets at the head and jambs. Doors are furnished with chrome-plated die-cast zinc handles mounted on heavy duty push plates and can be hung to swing either in or out. All exposed surfaces of the door and frames are coated with rust inhibiting primer and are finished with an interior/exterior polyurethane enamel which dries to a film thickness of 1.5 to 2 mils. While Acoustic Systems offers a standard paint color, we can also provide colors to match or accent existing decor or to create an additional interior design element.


ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems continues to lead the industry in both design and technology. Our commitment to on-going scientific experimentation allows us to be more flexible in our design and construction than any of our competition. We are better equipped to meet challenging spatial demands and able to achieve unique design solutions. Dedicated to the science of acoustics, we maintain an onsite NVLAP accredited, independent laboratory that rigorously tests all our acoustic products and provides absolute STC numbers without the qualifying plus or minus points that many of our competitors must include. Among the many exciting innovations this scientific approach has allowed us to make are:

  • Completely lead-free doors
  • Custom sizes
  • Custom-design flexibility
  • Single, or double leaf, and tandem doors

Door Windows:

Doors can be designed to include a wide variety of differently sized or located windows. All windows are mounted in attractive, fully gasketed, steel-trimmed frames with both a desiccant material (to prevent condensation) and a perforated steel sound absorber (to improve acoustical performance) installed between the two glass panes. Options on the windows include canting, size, shape and placement flexibility.

Plug-in DoorStandard Features:

  • Wide range of architectural standard sizes
  • Ives pull handle
  • Threshold 1/2 inch tapered stainless steel
  • Camlift butt hinge
  • Integrated bottom seal
  • Continuous magnetic seals
  • Standard and custom hardware

Plug-in Windows provide a transparent acoustical barrier for almost any sound isolated viewing need. All Plug-in windows are custom designed and available in almost any size, single or double glazing and in either vertical or canted frame configurations.

Windows are made with 1/4" to 1 1/4" acoustical glass installed between neoprene seals and tempered or laminated to achieve such specifications as tinting, infrared or heat reflectivity, and impact or bullet resistance. Acoustical performance rating begin at an STC 43 for a single glazed window, with doubleglazing reaching STC 56 and higher. Laboratory-tested Plug-in windows are standard components in all our prefabricated modular enclosures and can be ordered in any thickness as plug-in components for installation into site-built walls.


Plug-in Doors and Windows are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, under normal service and use, for a period of one year from the date of shipment. Acoustical performance warranties are based on proper installation into plumb and square rough openings and final field adjustment of acoustical seals. A full copy of Acoustic Systems' acoustical test reports and warranty terms is available if you'd like to contact us for one.

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.