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3106B Double-Ridged Guide Antenna 3106B datasheet A
3110C Biconical Antenna 3110C datasheet A
3115 Double-Ridged Guide Antenna 3115 datasheet A
3115-PA Double-ridged Waveguide Horn with Pre-amplifier 3115-PA datasheet A
3116C Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn 3116C datasheet A
3116C-PA Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn with Pre-Amplifier 3116C-PA datasheet A
3117 Double-Ridged Guide Antenna 3117 datasheet G
3117-PA Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn with Pre-Amplifier 3117-PA datasheet A
3119 Double-Ridged Waveguide Horn 3119 datasheet A
3121D Dipole 3121D datasheet A
3125 Precision Dipole Antenna 3125 datasheet D
3126 Precision Sleeve Dipole 3126 datasheet A
3127 Magnetic Dipole Antenna 3127 datasheet B
3140B Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) 3140B datasheet D
3142E BiConiLog Antenna 3142E datasheet B
3142E-PA BiConiLog with Pre-Amplifier 3142E-PA datasheet A
3143B BiConiLog Antenna 3143B datasheet D
3145BDP Dual-Polarized Log-Periodic Dipole Array 3145BDP datasheet A
3148B Log Periodic Dipole Array 3148B datasheet B
3149 Hybrid Log Periodic and Bowtie (BiConiLog) 3149 datasheet A
3150B Dual Stacked LPDA Antenna 3150B datasheet A
3151 Log Periodic Dipole Array 3151 datasheet A
3152 Dual Array of LPDA Antennas 3152 datasheet A
3162-01 Field Generating Antenna 3162-01 datasheet C
3162-02 Field Generating Antenna 3162-02 datasheet A
3162-04 Field Generating Horn with Lens 3162-04 datasheet A
3163 High Gain Conical Horn Antennas 3163 datasheet A
3164-01 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn 3164-01 datasheet A
3164-05 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn 3164-05 datasheet A
3164-06 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn 3164-06 datasheet A
3164-08 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn 3164-08 datasheet A
3164-10 Open Boundary Quad-Ridged Horn 3164-10 datasheet A
3164-11 Open Boundary Quad-ridged Horn 3164-11 datasheet A
3165-01 Absorber Nested Dual-Polarized Dual-Vivaldi Array Antenna 3165-01 datasheet A
3180B Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna 3180B datasheet A
3181 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna 3181 datasheet A
3183 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna 3183 datasheet B
3184 Broadband Mini-Bicon Antenna 3184 datasheet A
3186 Dual Stacked LPDA Antenna 3186 datasheet A
3301C Active Monopole 3301C datasheet A
Custom Antenna Radome Enclosure Radome datasheet A
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.