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Small Device Test Enclosures

Small Device Test Enclosures

ETS-Lindgren’s Acoustic Systems Small Device (SD) test enclosures provide a free-field or reverberant environment, for making engineering level measurements on small devices.

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Key Features

  • Acoustically Controlled Test Environment
  • Survey and/or Engineering Grade Measurement
  • Applicable Test Standards: ISO 30744, GM W7293, GM W14011


ETS-Lindgren’s Acoustic Systems Small Device (SD) Test Enclosures provide a free-field environment for making survey and engineering grade measurements on small devices. SD test enclosures are an affordable option when precision grade testing is not required, including testing the acoustic (sound power, sound pressure) levels of automotive components, computer hard drives, fans, pumps, and small mechanical and electric assemblies.

Testing can be conducted using either a single microphone, or a small array of microphones. SD enclosures can also be used with vibration test equipment when required. Four sizes of SD enclosures are available to accommodate most small test objects.


Controlled Test Environment

The SD series isolates and controls acoustic energy to provide the ideal testing environment of small electronics, computer equipment, hearing aids and automotive components.

Survey/Engineering Grade Design

With minimum 10.2 cm (4”) thick acoustic walls and sound absorbing floor and ceiling, the SD test enclosures are ideal for making survey and engineering level measurements on small devices.

Applicable Test Standards

SD series test enclosures meet ISO 3744, ISO 3746, ISO 532B, ISO 11201, GM W7293, and test standards.


  • Automotive Components
  • Quality Assurance/Comparative Analysis
  • Testing of Telephone Handsets or Mounted Transducers for Noise Quality
  • Insertion Measurements of Hearing Aids
  • Evaluation Testing of Microphones or Preamplifiers for Noise Cancellation, Conductivity and Noise Emissions
  • Testing Noise Emissions of Small Parts or Components
  • Head & Torso Testing (SD3)
  • IT Product Noise Testing
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.