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Maintenance and Upgrades

Calibration Services Plus!
ETS-Lindgren products include one of the best product warranties in the industry. However, all products need periodic maintenance and adjustment to continue performing properly. The ETS-Lindgren Service Department offers customized maintenance agreements to help customers protect their test & measurement equipment and software investments.

Shield Maintenance
Shield maintenance can be critical to maintaining the quality of your shielded environment. ETS-Lindgren can provide an assortment of services dedicated to maintaining your RF, Magnetic and Acoustic shielding.

Door Maintenance
Door Maintenance ensures proper operation as well as maintains the shields performance. If not maintained correctly overtime, operation and performance may be reduced.

Shielded Room Upgrades and Relocation
ETS-Lindgren provides shielded room upgrades to meet all needs. Whether you would like to upgrade your shield to meet new equipment specifications or would like to relocate your existing shield, ETS-Lindgren can assist.

Product Upgrades
ETS-Lindgren can upgrade any RF shield. ETS-Lindgren provides services to upgrade your shield or parts of your shield to meet your changing requirements. This may mean replacing a door to meet new RF or acoustic requirements to upgrading an MRI shield to meet equipment requirements of a new MRI system.

Shielding Additions
ETS-Lindgren can provide and install and assortment of shield additions including filters, waveguides, and penetration panels.

RF Diagnostic Testing and Troubleshooting
ETS-Lindgren provides RF and magnetic shielding diagnostic testing and trouble shooting for an assortment of applications. Plane Wave, E-Field, H-Field, and magnetic shielding can be utilized to verify the performance of a shield, troubleshoot shielding problems, and establish performance of existing shielding prior to upgrades.

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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.