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Key Terms - UVWXYZ

Vibration Isolation Reduction of force or displacement transmitted by a vibratory source. Often attained by use of a resilient mount
Volt Unit of electromotive force. It is the difference in potential required to make a current of one ampere flow through the resistance of one ohm
Waveguide A system of material boundaries capable of guiding electromagnetic waves. A transmission line comprising a hollow conducting tube, within which electromagnetic waves may be propagated or passed
Waveguide Air Vent A specially designed honeycomb material which allows passage of air while attenuating electromagnetic energy. Multiple waveguides operating below their cut-off frequency
Waveguide Beyond Cutoff A waveguide whose physical dimensions will not allow the passing of the subject frequency. Applications are water, sprinkler, and non-conductive air line penetrations into a shielded enclosure, while maintaining the required shielding effectiveness
Wave Impedance The ratio of the electric field strength to the magnetic field strength at the point of observation
Wave Length The distance a wave travels in one complete cycle
White Noise Broadband noise having constant energy per unit of frequency

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