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Key Terms - IJKL

Gasket A material that is inserted between mating surfaces of an electronic enclosure to provide low resistance across the seam and thereby preserve current continuity of the enclosure
Gauss A unit of magnetic induction (flux density) equal to 1 maxwell per cm squared
GigahertzA unit of frequency equal to 1 billion Hertz
GroundA reference plane common to all electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical systems and connected to earth by means of a ground rod, ground grid, or other similar means
Ground IsolationMaintaining an insulating dielectric layer between a shielded enclosure and ground
HarmonicA sinusoidal wave having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. 
HEMPHigh-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse; relates to MIL-Hdbk-423 and MIL-Std 188-125
HenryThe unit of inductance when induced electromotive force of one volt is produced by the inducing current changing at the rate of one ampere per second
Hertz The unit of frequency, equal to one cycle per second
High Pass Filter A wave filter having a single transmission band extending from some critical, or cutoff, frequency other than zero, up to infinite frequency

Impedance The total opposition that a circuit offers to the flow of alternating current of any other varying current at a particular frequency. It is the combination of resistance and reactance, measured in ohms
InductanceThe property of a circuit or circuit element that opposes a change in current flow. Inductance thus causes current changes to lag behind voltage changes. Inductance is measured in Henrys
Insertion LossThe attenuation measurement of a filter or other signal path device
InsulatorA material of such low electrical conductivity that the flow of current through it usually is impossible
InterferenceAny electromagnetic phenomenon, signal or emission, man-made or natural, which causes or can cause an undesired response, malfunctioning or degradation in performance of electrical or electronic equipment
Internal Loss Attenuation of electromagnetic energy by the reflection and re-reflection of electromagnetic waves within a shield or barrier. Usually stated in dB.
IsolationResistance to the transmission of sound by materials and structures
Level SoundA measure of Sound Pressure Level as determined by electrical equipment meeting USASI requirements
Level Meter An electrical instrument for determining Sound Pressure Level
Low Pass Filter A filter network which passes all frequencies below a specified frequency with little or no loss, but discriminates strongly against higher frequencies

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