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Key Terms - EFGH

Electric FieldA field induced by a high impedance source, such as a monopole. A region where there is a voltage potential; the potential changing with distance. The strength of the field is expressed either in decibels, dB, with respect to a reference voltage or an absolute value expressed in volts per meter
Electromagnetic FieldA wave characterized by variations of electric and magnetic fields
Electromotive Force Pressure of voltage. The force which causes current to flow in a circuit
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse; a large impulsive-type electromagnetic wave generated by nuclear or chemical explosions
FaradThe unit of capacitance
Faraday ShieldA conductor (copper, steel, etc.) put in place to electrically shield or contain RF energy. Shielded enclosures are sometimes referred to as "Farady Cages."
Far Field/Radiation FieldA distance greater than the wavelength divided by 2π where the transition of the electric and magnetic field impedance reaches 377 ohms
FaultAn unintentional short circuit or partial short (usually of a power circuit) between energized conductors or between an energized conductor to ground
FeedthruA conductor through the thickness of a substrate, thus electrically connecting both surfaces
 A path used to bring in or out desired signals through a shielded enclosure
FilterA selective network which will allow the desired frequencies to pass while suppressing or attenuating other frequencies
Flanking PathsTransmission paths which transmit acoustic energy around a sound barrier; paths which "bypass" the intended barrier
Free Field An environment in which there are no reflective surfaces within the frequency range of interest
Frequency The number of cyclical variations per unit time. Frequency is generally expressed in cycles per second (cps), also denoted Hertz (Hz)
 The unit of frequency measurement is Hertz, which stands for cycles per second
Frequency BandA range of frequencies that can be covered without switching
Frequency SpanThe magnitude of the frequency band displayed, expressed in Hertz or Hertz per division

Gasket A material that is inserted between mating surfaces of an electronic enclosure to provide low resistance across the seam and thereby preserve current continuity of the enclosure
Gauss A unit of magnetic induction (flux density) equal to 1 maxwell per cm squared
GigahertzA unit of frequency equal to 1 billion Hertz
GroundA reference plane common to all electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical systems and connected to earth by means of a ground rod, ground grid, or other similar means
Ground IsolationMaintaining an insulating dielectric layer between a shielded enclosure and ground
HarmonicA sinusoidal wave having a frequency that is an integral multiple of the fundamental frequency. 
HEMPHigh-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse; relates to MIL-Hdbk-423 and MIL-Std 188-125
HenryThe unit of inductance when induced electromotive force of one volt is produced by the inducing current changing at the rate of one ampere per second
Hertz The unit of frequency, equal to one cycle per second
High Pass Filter A wave filter having a single transmission band extending from some critical, or cutoff, frequency other than zero, up to infinite frequency

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