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EMC Industrial Shielding

RF Shielded Doors

  • ASDS Door   |   Datasheet
    ETS-Lindgren's newest RF door, the ASDS, is designed to provide a reliable, economical door for your facility. Similar to ETS-Lindgren's other RF doors, the ASDS is designed to be lightweight to allow for easy operation. It uses the industry standard “seal contacts” to provide the RF seal around the door, which are adjustable to increase or decrease the amount of force needed to open and close the door.
  • Auto-Latching Door System   |   Datasheet
    ETS-Lindgren Auto-Latching Door System for EMI/RFI Shielded Rooms maintain the highest level of shielding effectiveness in EMI/RFI enclosures while providing user-friendly enclosure door operation.
  • Double Knife Edge Door   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    A New Standard in Knife Edge Door Technology for EMI/RFI Shielded Enclosures
  • Euroshield RFD-F/A-100   |   Datasheet
    EUROSHIELD RFD-F/A-100 swing doors meet the performance of the standard 100-type doors up to 40GHz and are especially designed for the additional load of ferrites and short absorbers (max. 50 kg/m2). Max. length of foam absorbers is 400 mm everywhere except around the handle area. The photo as well as the drawing in the back shows a door with short absorbers everywhere.
  • Euroshield SRFSD-100 sliding doors   |   Datasheet
    The special large EUROSHIELD SRFSD-100 sliding doors are designed for applications in the reverb chambers and partial discharge rooms and according to the customer's requirements. The doors meet the same high shielding performance level as the standard smaller RFD- and RFSD-100 doors.
  • Euroshield SRFSD-F/A-100
    The special large EUROSHIELD SRFSD-F/A-100 and SRFSD-F/A-100ABS sliding doors are designed and manufactured for special anechoic chamber applications and according to the customer´s requirements. The doors meet the same high shielding performance level as the standard smaller RFD- and RFSD-100 doors.
  • Euroshield iRFD-100 Swing Door   |   Datasheet
    The Euroshield RFD-100 Swing Door unit consists of frame and door for nominal 800 x 2000 mm and 1000 x 2000 mm clear opening together with internal type recessed hardware and two special hinges.
  • PHD Pneumatic Hinged Door   |   Datasheet
    The ETS-Lindgren Pneumatic Hinged Door (PHD) is a highly reliable RF sealing concept in shielded hinged leaf doors, and offers the most maintenance-free qualities of any competitive door today.
  • PSD Pneumatic Sliding Door   |   Datasheet
    The ETS-Lindgren Pneumatic Sliding Door (PSD) System is an all-welded access door for RF shielded enclosures.
  • Single Knife EdgeTM Door   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    The Single Knife Edge™ (SKE) Door from ETS-Lindgren offers superior knife edge door reliability, performance and longevity.

RF Shielded Enclosures

  • 5240 Table Top Test Enclosure for Industrial   |   Datasheet
    The 5240 Table Top Test Cell is a Portable Concept in High Performance EMI/RFI Test and Repair.
  • DEI Enclosures   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
    Standard modular or custom DEI screen industrial shielding enclosures provide the highest shielding performance available in a "hear-through, see-through" structure. DEI screen enclosures are available in copper screen.
  • SOUNDoff™ Secure Shielded Rooms   |   Datasheet
    ETS-Lindgren’s SOUNDoff Series of Secure Shielded Rooms create an RF and acoustically isolated environment to protect confidential conversations, sensitive communications, databases, and testing. Our unique design assures that no unwanted signal can escape. However, communications (and other essential services) to and from the room can be maintained without compromising security.
  • Series 101 Shielded Rooms   |   Datasheet
    The Series 101 RF shielded construction system meets and substantially exceeds all RF shielding requirements. The system consists of modular, hot galvanized rigid steel structural panels. No wooden parts are used, and retightening of panel fasteners is not necessary.
  • Series 71 Shielded Rooms   |   Datasheet
    The Series 71 Copper Screen Room is designed to provide a radio-silent environment to perform electronic product trouble-shooting as well as conducted emissions and radiated emissions EMC testing.
  • Series 81 Shielded Rooms   |   Datasheet
    ETS-Lindgren's Series 81 shielding system is a time-proven design with more than 10,000 installations.
  • Series 83 Shielded Rooms   |   Datasheet
    The Series 83 RF Shielding is a fully custom shielding option for specialized applications such as electron microscopes and physiological studies.
  • Welded Fabrication Enclosures
    Welded fabrication has traditionally been considered by experts the most reliable and highest performing shielding method compared to mechanically clamped shielded enclosure designs.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.