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Antenna Accessories

Rugged Product Cases   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren’s Rugged Product Cases provide a safe way to store and ship delicate equipment. Designed for multiple transportation cycles, these cases are uniquely designed to have uniform wall strength and thick, reinforced corners. Additionally, these cases are moisture and chemical resistant, allowing for safe and secure transport of sensitive electronics.

Chamber Accessories

4340 CCTV Systems   |   Datasheet   |   Manual
ETS-Lindgren's Model 4340 Shielded Fiber Optic Camera System (CCTV) provides a cost effective means of visual monitoring in areas where EMI field strengths are present.
FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Lighting   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren’s Model FOL-80-F Fiber Optic Light System is a practical, cost effective solution for illuminating the interior of anechoic chambers with cool white light. The system is a logical choice for installing in new chambers, or retrofitting existing chambers that have older, RF-emitting metal halide bulbs.

RF Test Sets

Universal Spherical Dipole Source   |   Datasheet
The Universal Spherical Dipole Source (USDS) is an instrument that helps you maintain the integrity of your test environment (chamber or OATS).

Test Tables

Low Dielectric Table Models LDT-1.2, LDT-1.5   |   Datasheet
ETS-Lindgren’s Low Dielectric Tables (LDT) are lightweight, portable test tables, constructed with materials selected for their low dielectric properties. The construction materials for the EUT's support surface have a dielectric constant of <3.0, with each table's support structures having a dielectric constant of <1.03. The result is a table having virtually no influence on radiated emissions measurements, especially above 1 GHz, where frequencies are affected most.
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Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.