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A-GPS OTA Test System

A-GPS OTA Test System

ETS-Lindgren's AMS-8000 system supports fully automated A-GPS receiver performance testing per Version 3.0 of the CTIA's Test Plan for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance. Instrumentation options are available to support A-GPS testing of GSM/UMTS and/or CDMA devices.

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Key Features

  • Performs Over the Air A-GPS Measurements per Version 3.0 of CTIA Test Plan for Mobile Station O Over the Air Performance
  • Supports A-GPS Testing of GSM, UMTS, and CDMA Devices
  • Reduces TIS Measurement Time Using RSS-Based Measurement Methods
  • Supports Instrumentation from Major Equipment Suppliers
  • Upgrade Pathways Available for Existing AMS-8000 Series Customers
  • A Complete Integrated Solution with Optional Audit Assistance for Achieving Certification Status


A new receive signal strength (RSS) based test method uses the A-GPS carrier-to-noise ratio (C/N0) reported from the mobile device to determine its receive radiation pattern. An RSS linearization step is then performed to “calibrate” the reported signal strength and correct the pattern shape. Finally, an effective isotropic sensitivity search is performed at a single point on the pattern and normalized with the remaining pattern data to produce a full TIS pattern. This same test methodology can be used on other wireless protocols that support receive signal strength indication, including GSM and UMTS, to reduce TIS test times.

The provided EMQuest™ EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software also performs the Intermediate Channel Degradation test required to determine the effect of the cellular radio transmissions on the GPS receiver sensitivity. Measured performance parameters for A-GPS include TIS, Upper Hemisphere Isotropic Sensitivity (UHIS) and Partial Isotropic GPS Sensitivity (PIGS).

AMS-8000 systems include an anechoic chamber, device under test (DUT) positioning equipment, measurement and communication antenna, instrumentation, and EMQuest automated measurement software. Customers may also obtain optional audit assistance for their ISO 17025 and certification program audits. Optional assistance can include help with preparation of operating procedure and measurement uncertainty documents, and performance of a trial audit.

About Us

ETS-Lindgren has been manufacturing antennas and antenna measurement systems since the 1960’s. In 2000, ETS-Lindgren began developing systems for wireless over the air performance testing. In 2002, ETS-Lindgren became the first CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) for Mobile Station Over the Air Performance Testing. Since then, ETS-Lindgren has supplied the OTA systems for over 80% of all CATLs. The company has also developed the RPT systems used by the majority of WiMAX Forum™ certification laboratories.

Typical A-GPS OTA Test System Shown with Optional Equipment

Typical A-GPS OTA Test System Shown with Optional Equipment 

Tel +1.512.531.6400 Tel +358.2.8383.300 Tel +44(0)1438.730700 Tel + Tel +8610.8275.5086 Tel+ 81.3.3813.7100
Fax +1.512.531.6500 Fax +358.2.8651.233 Fax +44(0)1438.730751 Fax + Fax +8610.8275.5537 Fax +81.3.3813.8068

Information presented is subject to change as product enhancements are made. Contact ETS-Lindgren Sales Department for current specification.